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Privacy Policy #

This is the website for Chachi, an educational activity generator, run by people who take privacy issues seriously. Your privacy is important to us.

This privacy policy explains what information is collected about you, how personal information is used, and how this personal information is stored and protected.

The information we collect and how we use it:
What information is being collected when you use our website?

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and reCAPTCHA on this website. In addition, user interaction through rating and comments is recorded. These sources record the following information -

  1. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager: Records what device, operating system and device you are using; where you are accessing the site from (location); and what buttons you click on the site. Some personal identifying information might be recorded by Google, we urge you to check your Google account's privacy settings.
  2. reCAPTCHA: Records your behaviour on the site and decides whether you are human or a bot; no personal identifying information is recorded.
  3. Commento comments: Records any comments you make on the blog posts or contact page and any other information you choose to share. We use a self-hosted version of Commento and collect no identifying information about users.
  4. User rating: Records which activity received what rating; no personal identifying information is recorded.
What do we do with this information?

Any data we receive through the above mentioned sources is devoid of any identifying features and is used solely for understanding the site usage statistics and patterns. Any inferences drawn from it are thus used only for refining the site user experience and nothing else.

How is personal information stored and protected?

Since no personal data is recorded by our site, your personal information is as secure as it gets.

How secure is our website?

Fairly secure compared to 99.9% of the web, we'd say since we are running on an HTTPS connection using a Let's Encrypt certificate. Our hosting servers are also protected by best in class security systems.


We don't display ads on our website. Our content is not sponsored by any external sponsors either. If this ever changes, we'll let you know the first thing.


We use Google Mail for contact. Google have their own security and privacy policies that govern our use of their service. Any email between you and us is encrypted and stored securely on Google servers.


We use cookies on this site to improve the user experience. All cookie data remains on the user's local machine and is never relayed back to our servers. The cookie data is used for keeping track of the user's language preference and to restrict the rating functionality against spam.

Linking to external sites

You will encounter links to other sites that are not those which we control. Please be aware that once you click to one of these sites, you are subject to that site's privacy policy and not to ours. You may wish to review the privacy policy for each site you visit.

Your Consent

By using this website you consent to the use of any data we collect as set out in this policy. You should review this privacy policy regularly, to note any changes relating to how we collect and use your information.

The content on Chachi and Chachi Blog (unless explicitly mentioned) is licensed under a noncommercial Creative Commons license. You are allowed to use, repost or reprint our content for all non-commercial purposes as long as you use the credit line below.

Every reproduction must be accompanied by the following credit line with a link to the original story:

This story [LINK to CHACHI BLOG URL] was produced by Ignus Pahal, a nonprofit working to improve the quality of education with a focus on restoring pride in India's government schools.

The software underpinnings of Chachi are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The modular approach to generating educational activities in multiple languages using software is currently under the process of being patented. Any derivative attempt at duplicating this approach for commercial purposes is prohibited and will be challenged in the court of law.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or queries about the information we hold about you or wish to provide feedback about this site, please feel free to contact us at contact [at] chachi (dot) app