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About Chachi #

Chachi is a product of the pedagogical understanding of Ignus Pahal emerging from over 30 years of experience of working in the education sector. These activities have been developed and tested by members of Ignus Pahal during project commitments of varied objectives and scale.

What is Chachi? #

Chachi is an activity generator created to support teachers, parents and educators.

How does it work? #

Every time you open Chachi, you get an activity. These activities are designed to have an engaging hook, something that draws the learner in. Most activities follow a sequential, gradually increasing format that ease the learner towards higher order thinking. (Use the What Next? button)

There is no sign up or log in involved. All content on the app is free to use (non-commercially).

What features does it have? #
  • Multi-lingual. The app currently runs in Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and English. We will soon be offering content in Marathi, Odiya and Tamil as well. If you would like to help with translations please get in touch!
  • Higher order thinking. Most activities on Chachi are designed to stimulate higher order thinking in learners. This does not require the learner to possess extraordinary skills or capabilities. The activities are designed to offer a gradual progression from lower to higher order thinking, and so each learner can build the skills with time.
  • Topic selection. Users can choose what topics they want the activities from. You can even combine topics together. For example, language + creative or imagination + writing.
  • Quick and reliable. Chachi is meant to help teachers quickly find a reliable learning-focussed task for their students. This is why the user interface has been intentionally kept barebones.
  • Automatic download and offline usage. Chachi is designed as a web app. This means you can save the app to your phone with just one tap - no download required at all! Plus, even if you lose internet access, you can continue to use a limited version of the app.
How do I know it is useful? #

Although we have tested every activity on Chachi in various settings and geographies, we can never guarantee that a particular activity would work in your context. This is why we always suggest you to adapt the activities based on the requirements of your learners.

How can I adapt this into my workflow? #

We can make some suggestions for a few different settings –

  1. For a teacher inside a classroom: You ask your students to do some work. Some of the students have already finished the task while others are still working. Do you just let them sit idly or do you rush to the next task disregarding those who hadn’t yet completed the previous task? This is where Chachi comes in. In just one tap, you can quickly select an activity relevant to the topic you are teaching and give the students something to do. Perhaps you can even let them choose the activity!
  2. For a teacher planning an upcoming class: You are planning on doing some creative writing exercises with your class but are running short on ideas - Chachi is here to help! Just select the topics you want and you will have a whole list of ideas to pick from.
  3. For a parent working with their child: Your child is sitting at home because of a nation-wide lockdown. You want them to spend this time improving their language or mathematical abilities. But you don’t know how to make it interesting for them. Use Chachi! Maybe use it with your child and you could both work improve your skills together! (The activities are not all so easy for adults ;)
  4. For an educator working with learners: You are mentoring a few kids from your neighbourhood. Maybe you are offering after-school classes to underprivileged children. But you are at a loss for engaging and reliable activities. Look no further because Chachi can help you with it all. Pick an activity at random and get going! If you want more of the same just tap on More like this.

About Ignus #

IgnusERG is a group of professionals working to improve the quality of education at pre-school, elementary and secondary levels. We believe we are not doing charity or ‘good to the world’ – instead we see ourselves as committed professionals investing our lives in social change processes.

Our experience spans geographies, scales and contexts. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with various international and national partners such as UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank, USAID, DFID, MHRD, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, NITI Aayog, and Central Tibetan Administration to name a few.

Team Ignus currently comprises of –

  1. Subir Shukla, Principal Coordinator
  2. Manisha Chaudhry, Director, Manan Books
  3. Surendra Prasad Singh, Coordinator, Programmes and Talent
  4. Mukesh Aggarwal, Head of Production, Manan Books
  5. Tushar Tamhane
  6. Shubhangi Bhide
  7. Deepti Srivastava
  8. Gurjot Singh Sidhu

You can learn more about us on our website or on our team page on Manan Books.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.